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Grape & fruit Powder for wine,cider making and alcohol beverages


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Turbo Yeasts SW20

Turbo yeast provides a faster fermentation of sugar, corn, molasses, barley, wheat, potato waste, etc. with high temperature tolerance and high alcohol tolerance. Ferments sugar into high alcohol wash producing 19%-20% in just 3-5 days or less

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Wine Fining Agents

Clarifying substances can be used not only in their direct purpose, but also for regulation of colour, aroma, wine’s bouquet and stability. Being positively or negatively charged, they attract opposite charged particles in unclear wine

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Wine Yeast Nutrient

Specifically designed for use with high alcohol tolerance yeasts

VitaNutrient specifically designed for use with high alcohol tolerance yeasts blended with a complete, chemically defined nutrient complex, containing all macro and micro nutritional requirements for the yeast, including nitrogen, phosphorous, magnesium, essential vitamins and trace minerals

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Wine yeast

Yeast is one of the most important components of the winemaking process. Use of a correct kind of yeast is necessary for achievement of optimum result not only during fermentation, but also in resulting effect, that is in an end product

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Yeast Nutrients

Nutrients for increase of activity of yeast cells. One of important factors of qualitative and stable process of fermentation. Nutritious compounds create an optimum nutrient medium for activation of work of yeast, reproduction and growth of yeast cells and mechanisms of conversion of sugar

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Grape and fruit powders
for wine making, health care
and cosmetic, 100% natural products

From white grape varieties reached their technical maturity. The drying process allows to save all the nutrients and natural enzymes, antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins and minerals (calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, potassium, chromium, selenium , manganese), useful micro flora, precious natural components that contribute to its high biological

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» Turbo Yeast SW20
» Vodka Turbo Yeast
» Whisky Turbo Yeast
» Turbo Yeast 48
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